RE: On, Scribbles, And Multi-homing by Leon Mika

I’ve recently read this article by Leon Mika on his MicroBlog. It goes a little bit into the details of where he wants his writing to go. I’ve met people through the and it is notable when I see them post about other blog services that they are trying out.

Profile of Leon MikaI’ve been ask why I’m using Scribbles given that I’m here on Honestly I wish I could say I’ve got a great answer.

Leon starts his piece with honesty and follows it with thoughtful reasons.

I’ve also wondered why others are exploring the multiple solutions to building and maintaining a blog. After having years where there were only a couple of solutions, I don’t fault anyone for wanting to explore and see different options.

Having different blogs to express different aspects of your personality and interest does make sense. And, Leon makes it clear that he’s prioritizing his most important reader, himself. On this point, I really applaud him.