A good image tells a good story

I've been writing a little bit about accessibility and images this last week and it feel like this article came out at just the write time.

The right visual can attract people’s attention and explain complex matters at one sight. Yet, just as a misplaced joke can ruin a comedy set, boring or inappropriate images can derail and devalue your presentation. So, how do we choose the right ones?

I do enjoy writing for the internet and sometimes feel that an image would really help make an article demonstrate an idea or an opinion quicker than reading what I wrote.

I don’t normally have an image because I’m not very confident in my drawings and the friction of creating it, resizing it, posting it, and then putting it on the post saps a little bit of the joy for a post that may only be a couple sentences long.

I’ve also looked into using clip art or images found on the internet, but I’ve stopped because I’m not always sure about the licensing rights and attributions. I played around with the idea of using AI generated images, but it’s a nonstarter at this point.