The perfect weblogpomo

Auto-generated description: A cartoon character, resembling the villain Skeletor from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, is shown against a background of machinery with the motivational phrase PROGRESS. NOT PERFECTION. displayed prominently.

Hello! You might have missed the news about weblogpomo or missed the first couple of days. Who knows, you might be missing today or tomorrow. You might throw your hands up and say Shucks! I missed it!

But, and this is a secret, it’s ok.

I’m going to give you permission to join us.

Any day is a good day that you can write something on your blog. Because, ultimately, you are the first audience for your writing.

If you’re running out of steam or just having trouble getting those first couple of words down, I’m giving you permission to be imperfect and share that imperfection with the rest of us.

Thank you.