How to make Monday's Better

Man laying in bed crying next to a sign that says Smile it is Monday!

This is the first Monday of Mental Health Awareness month! A lot of my coworkers HATE Monday. For them it’s the hardest part of the week. Some days, I feel the same way.

I try to be grateful as Mondays usually mean that I’m starting the work week and that will lead to a paycheck that will provide for my family and I. But sometimes, I need a little bit extra.

I thought I would do a search and put what I found on these sites that don’t blast you will Cookie popups as soon as you load the page.

10 Mindful Monday Ideas To Improve Your Life
I don’t do number 10 - Posting to Instagram. I tend to do that kind of posting to a chat thread I have with friends or on my blog.
8 Tiny Things I’ve Tried to Make Mondays More Pleasant
The last one is important. It’s ok to feel less than fantastic all the time. As humans, we have our highs and lows.
10 Ways to Make Your Monday Better
My favorite on this list is Prep on Friday. I’ve been attempting to start a new habit where I do an end of day wrap-up. Still working on that.