🍿 Thriller 40 (2023) - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†

I’m a big fan of Michael Jackson. I’ve been that way since I was kid. His music is timeless and has a global impact. I feel that every fan of music can get some enjoyment of this movie that tells the story of the biggest album of all time.

What I enjoyed the most about this was how they talked about how things led to the creation of the album and its composition of different songs. As well as a couple minutes of the business/politics of how a music label works with its artists.

Another takeaway, never trust Don King. He finds his way to be around successful people, but it feels like it doesn’t go well afterwards.

But back to the movie.

I really liked it, it’s well produced and now I’m going to take a break from the computer and listen to the album.

Forty years after the release of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, the best-selling album of all-time, director Nelson George takes fans back in time to the making of a pop masterpiece, featuring never-before-seen footage and candid interviews.

Here is a link to the trailer on YouTube.