50 Ideas for Blog Posts by Lou Plummer #2

I'm continuing with the series by Lou Plummer and trying not to get too worked up over the format of the posts.

  1. On what subjects are you outspoken and on what subjects are you mostly mute?

I read the prompt and thought about the times that I would shout out about how pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza. I feel that pineapple is too sweet to be on something that so savory. The juices from the pineapple spread throughout the pizza and you can’t separate it the same way you could with other toppings like mushrooms or olives.

I’ve even gotten in a couple discussions on how pancakes are better than waffles because of how many varieties you can find in different cultures around the world.

But no one has heard me speak out about the genocides that are happening. Do you know what my stance is on climate change? Health care? How about workers rights?

No, I don’t think I’ve used my website for any of those.

Even though they effect me, I go about my daily writing and web surfing feeling that “those bad things are bad and I’m sure we’ll all get through it some how.”

I feel that’s ultimately the issue.

When it comes to being outspoken, I find myself using my inside voice.