@KimberlyHirsh I feel that you aren't giving yourself enough acknowledgment for being there for your family. It may not feel like a chore or obligation, but it definitely takes perseverance which is hard to do with or without a pandemic.

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@jayeless oh! I’m happy to hear that!

@SimonWoods You and me both. I'm doing around 5 hours a night and it's really, really taking a toll on me.

@jean I'm very happy for you. I don't want anything stopping how awesome you are.

@ericgregorich Wow, how did you do this?

@hutaffe I think that's a wonderful idea.

@BenSouthwood I figure that someone will sum it up with some kind of sketch comedy routine...

@BenSouthwood Oh, it almost makes me want to sign in just so that I can get notifications. It's like a comedic fail whale.

@pimoore Honestly, I feel that Apple has really removed the simplicity of choosing at the moment. I’ve got an iPad that can hold me over for a while but I don’t think I’ll buy anything soon.

@pimoore 2009 MacBook Pro…

@renevanbelzen this what I found to be helpful with understanding.

Hugo 101: Slowstart for beginners - tips & tricks - HUGO

@amit that’s kind of what I’m going for with the theme that I’m working on. I guess micro.blog people think alike.

@canion I love hearing about how people make themselves a better version of themselves.

@lmika It definitely can be a hassle. I've been using the Advanced Tables plugin and linter to make sure that everything is pretty.

That being said, I haven't created any new tables in obsidian just edit the notes from imports from other applications.

@jayeless @greghiggins @pimoore Were you using the obsidian sync or something else? I'm currently using icloud sync. Also, is novelWriter an application or service?

@skoobz tired 🥱

@greghiggins @pimoore @odd @tracydurnell I would have gone with scrivener, but the syncing would go through Dropbox. Dropbox reduced the amount of space that I was getting and reminded me that I dislike the service more and more.

@otaviocc congratulations!

@greghiggins @pimoore @odd @tracydurnell I get stuck on finding the perfect tool to write. I’m asking myself what am I writing in now and can I use it to get what I want. This year, I’m going to be traveling so I need something that works on my iPad. So Ulysses or obsidian.

@odd from what I’ve heard, it’s not that complicated to set up.

@hutaffe I am the law!

@pimoore When you were working on your theme, you mention having to make changes to Ulysses to make it work with the shortcodes. Did you write more about that in the blog posts and I just need to read it again?

@greghiggins I was and still am having trouble getting my thoughts together and keeping track of all the things we need to do to function as an adult. The days when I have it are the ones where I feel the most in control. In and outside of work.

@greghiggins yes, yes it is.

Taking notes I may or may not ever refer to again.

@JohnPhilpin I only used the previous version a couple times. The reviews from people that I listen to have not been kind to this latest one.