@circustiger dentist 🦷 recommended

@jeffperry thank you very much!


How did you find me and the theme?

@macgreg were they out of flowers?

@BenSouthwood @Burk swears by it. I’m a safari Sam or Firefox Fred. Sometimes a Vivaldi Vince.

@Miraz my wife is now watching the tv show adaptation on Apple TV 📺

@lmika oh! Thanks.

@manton this link isn’t working for me.

@mandaris I’m a way, that saves me money.

@manton the link you have in the post has the “.” in it. This makes you go to “.com.”

@gregmoore what’s a bezoar?

@JohnPhilpin the key takeaway was that you have to double check that the url you are responding to is directly to the page. I’m my case, I had page_url#some-anchor-on-the-page.

@JohnPhilpin oh! As you probably saw in some of my posts, I had some issues. I was going to write it up after I work on my micro camp presentation. If you want, I can post it early or send you what I found via craft note or email. Either way, can’t fully respond until tomorrow.

@pimoore @odd I used Working Copy as part of my process of developing my current theme. I don't have a reliable Mac to develop on when I'm traveling. That being said, I had to make sure that I was working on specific snippets of code in order to not make things messy.

@vincent @andyn I just committed to going over to my parents so that we can do a password audit. They use windows 🪟 and I don’t know if it would be worth the effort to try to get iCloud keychains working properly. Worth 1Password, I would have access to this important information.

@Archimage that sounds really nice. I’d like to check it out when you are “done”.

@manton that’s what some would call art 🖼️

@sherif I understand. I wonder if this is how it felt when they changed the formula for Cocoa-Cola. One day the thing you liked changed and you had no say in the matter.

@jean I missed this in my timeline, but saw it in my rss feed! Congratulations!

@manton @steveriggins it’s like we’re offering cool water for those in ~~hell~~ a not as great place.

@circustiger thank you! That really brightened my day

@maique is there a link to how to do that?

@Archimage not since the early days of college

@Archimage the idea of having live wires connected to my ears is a little off putting.

@Gaby ha! Funny how that works. If we’re lucky we get to try again the next day/hour/minute.

@skoobz Nice and neat. I can rest easy.