Swift Slowly: Day 1

Started iOS App Dev with SwiftUI Tutorials.


I know it’s my X numbered attempt to learn swift, and I gave myself so many deadlines/goals. I thought that this time would just be me attempting to learn enough to finish an app that has been haunting me for years.

I hope that by writing about my experience in the open that it will help me move forward.

The experience

I decided to set a small goal of finishing up the first steps of the tutorial

The preview in Xcode is really slow when you first start it. Some of the keyboard short cuts feel really awkward and Command clicking keywords sometime doesn’t work. This could just be me hitting ctrl on accident. The first part is supposed to take 15 minutes but I’m 25 minutes already.

I love the fact that the first thing you do after setting up the initial view is to provide accessibility.

Heading for Accessibility section

I wish that it would point me to more information on how the different pieces work together.

I kind of cheated and used the Option-click on the different keywords and it looks like they still have a little more work in the documentation department.

Here is .accessibilityElement

Popup documentation on accessibility element

Here is .accessibilityLabel

Accessibility Label Popup

I think I’m going to have to look into making the autocomplete work more in line of other editors, because there are a lot of options and it would be colt have a way to go through them all quickly. Accesibiltiy options given to autocomplete

Afterwards, there are three questions to review.

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