Swift Slowly: Day 8

I’m continuing with the Managing State and Life Cycle section of the Apple SwiftUI Tutorial.

Section 4: Add a State Object

Purpose: Learn about State Object

This sections was pretty small and introduced the concept of “Source of Truth”.

Image of code with source of truth

At this point, I got a little side track with trying to get an understanding of how it all comes together and getting the above picture.

Section 6: Extract the Meeting Footer

I’m not a fan on the syntax for closures and views. Defining a closure in the view means that I have to specify it when I call the view doesn’t make since to me.

Error when using a view without specifying something

I guess it’s part of the language. You can’t have a view that has values that aren’t defined.

Section 7: Trigger Sound with AVFoundation

Purpose: Lear about audio feed back

Right away, I liked this part of the tutorial because it starts showing me how to use different resources.

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