Swift Slowly: Day 10

Today’s tutorial is about persistence. I think that’s a good one as I make my way through these various tutorials.

Section 1: Add Codable

Purpose: Make the models that we’ve been working on conform to a protocal that will allow it to be saved as JSON.

It’s interesting to me that they have file names with special characters like “+” in them for the tutorial.

File names with special characters

It reminds me of when I first got into computers and how the teachers would tell us that it’s a big no-no.

Section 2: Create Data Model Purpose: To show how data can be stored. It touches on the Combine framework.

At this point, I think the tutorial should define the difference between the data in the different scrum objects/classes and the one for persistence. Or maybe they have and I jumped over it.

Documentation seems very sparse.

I like the way the documentation widgets work for the most part, but I would love to get more information from it.

Short cut to documentation

Clicking on the link “Open in Developer Documentation”, doesn’t really give me hope I’m going to get an answer for any question I might have.

Observable Object documentation

In the above picture, how is someone new to this going to know that the declaration has a link ObservableObject protocol?

Observable Object Protocol

Some of the notes feel like they should be closer together.

It feels like certain notes should be close to the steps that they highlight.

Note seperation between steps

Keyboard shortcuts are amazing.

I love ^I for re-indenting my code.

I’m going to stop here and pick this up tomorrow.

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