Swift Slowly: Day 12

Today’s tutorial is about drawing. I’m almost done going through the entire tutorial and wondering what I should look at next.

Section 1: Creating the view

Timer view of application.

The code is pretty self explanitory until you get to places where Swift likes to pour on that sweet, sweet clusure syntax.

private var currentSpeaker: String { speakers.first(where: { !$0.isCompleted })?.name ?? "Someone" }

I had to read that line outloud to fully understand it. My brain had more question marks than the line itself. Luckily, I’ve accustomed to optionals thanks to working with Paul Hudson’s tutorials.

Also, there were some wins for the documentation popups.

Showing what properties are available for combine

Section 2: Draw an Arc

Purpose: Create a drawing on top of the circle.

I’m going to stop here because I want to spend some time with my family before bed. It’s my last night of vacation.

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