Swift Slowly: Day 15

This is the last section of the tutorial.

There were a lot of distractions today, but I’m going to finish this so that I can move on.

Section 2: Integrate Speech Recognition

Purpose: Introduce the code that will allow the application to record speech.

Although the time to go through this is pretty quick, you would really want to go back and take your time to understand how it’s calling access.

Section 3: Display Recording Indicators

Purpose: Learn about dynamically toggling interface elements to let the user know that they are being recorded.

It was pretty fun to do this section, but I’m still reminded that I don’t like ternary statement. The reason for this is that the question mark means it’s an optional if it’s next to the variable but it’s a ternary if it’s not. The rest of the statement should let the developer know, but if you are new or coming back to an old code…