Swift Slowly: Day 34 - Hacking Swift 19

Today is challenge day!

I’ve been looking at the page for about 20 minutes. Then surfed the internet for another 20.

I’m procrastinating.

I’m intimidated because I’ve been playing with Swift for a while but this is the fist time that I said “Hey, I’m going to make an app”.

It’s always been accompanied by some tutorial instructions.

Well, let’s start!

The first thing I did was use Xcode to check in the initial tutorial code changes.

Using Xcode for git

Xcode uses a lot of space for the check in.

Then I realized that it’s a completely new app so the checkin wasn’t really needed.

After that, I was using the preview in order to work on smaller segments of the program. Although, I think this part was kind of disconcerting because the preview would stop anytime that put a piece of code that had an error and wouldn’t start up again automatically.

Xcode halting preview

I’m sure that I’ll remember the keyboard short soon.

I also got a chance to mess around with the refactoring tools in Xcode.

Changing the name of variable

I reminds me of this quote from Phil Karlton, There are only two hard things in computer programming: cache invalidation and naming things.

In the end, I got the application running!

My first application

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