100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 29 – Hacking with Swift

A lot of people have mixed feelings about Monday’s. For me, I look at them with gratitude that I’m still employed. After this last weekend, I’m just happy that I don’t have to think about that disaster called a super bowl and can get back to “Hacking with Swift”!

Imagine my surprise to see this as the first line of today’s activity!

It’s time for another new project, and this is actually the last easy project we have on this course – after this the difficulty level ramps up a little as we tackle bigger apps, so enjoy this while it lasts!

The last couple of projects have really started to dive into some of the frameworks and just hope that I’ve given myslef enough time to really let the lessons stick in my brain as I move forward.

This lesson was kind of fun in that it reminded me that Swift and SwiftUI still takes a lot of utilities from the UIKit. On the shoulders of giants, indeed.

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