It's the little things in different browsers

Boxes in front of checkboxes
Labarum: Extra content in items
I hate it when a developer focuses so much on one browser (usually chrome) and doesn't test it in another browser. So, I feel like a hypocrit when I found out that my site renders the little box in front of the checkboxes[^checkboxes]. The funny thing is that I had originally seen this as an issue and had commented the code out.

The I thought I would keep it as a comment until I could figure it out and deploy it as a point update.

article ul > li::marker {
	/* content: "\2751"; */

The problem is that chrome doesn’t care that I had the individual line commented out and was attempting to put it there even though I told it not too.

I moved the comment to outside the item and I’ll let the broswer handle markers until I get a better understanding of how to target the different items.

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