Labarum: Optionals

A small but pretty cool v1.2.18 of Labarum. This will allow the Reply by email for, Reply on Mastodon, and Conversation on plugins to look like they belong on the page.

Single post with links to reply via email,, or Mastodon.

The next step will be to add a little more padding to the <div> that contains the links and to get the embed for the plug to work correctly as well.

How does labarum add optionals?

There are truly great web designers here on and one of them is Matt Langford. He’s got a wonderful theme called Tiny Theme.

In it, he has different logic to test whether a certain plugin is installed and then perform logic for it.

{{ if templates.Exists "partials/reply-by-email.html" }}
  <li>{{ partial "reply-by-email.html" . }}</li>
{{ end }}

With labarum, I place these all in one <div> and hope that the underlying plugin doesn’t decide to add multiple lines some day in the future.

I’m using the browsers nature of not rendering the empty block elements.

What about tinylytics for labarum?

I ran into an issue when I attempted to add the tinylytics plugin for to the theme like the other plugins. Most likely a user error on my end caused by a conflict between when I initially added tinylytics and this plugin.

I didn’t want to have this update halted while I attempted to fix this.

As always, feel free to contact me with any and all feedback.


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