Front End Study Hall

I’m planning on going to Front End Study Hall on April 24, 2024 Noon PST.

I've seen Joe a couple times in some of the IndieWeb meet ups and he always seemed like a cool person to me.

The description of the meet up is as follows:

Picture of Joe Crawford
Joe Crawford
If you're a maven of markup or stylesheet superstar, or a newbie novice with nth-of-type, all are welcome to learn together at Front End Study Hall

The foundation of a flexible, good IndieWeb website is markup (the “M” in HTML!") that doesn’t drive you batty to debug and CSS that works with it to have it look, sound, and interact how you want, whatever device or format the website is displayed on.

Discovered via gRegor Morrill1.

  1. Yes, that’s how he styles his name. ↩︎

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