Long Alt — Adrian Roselli

What I really enjoy about this article is that it has VIDEOS showcasing how the different browsers work with alternative text.

I think that it’s a really good read as I’ve seen a couple apps and services advertise that they can generate the alt text for images. I never really worried about the upper limit for descriptions. I know that I’m a little terse when it comes to describing things - for example, my about page. After reading this, I feel a little more confident in this aspect.

The article goes into some details in some dangers of having a very long description.

A fluffy white cat being held just under its front legs so its front paws are outstretched and its body is hanging limp with hind legs straight down, making the cat look very long.Sometimes you can have too much alternative text, particularly for an %lt;img>. I don’t mean there is a limit to what is allowed, I mean there is a limit to what is usable by humans. This long cat photo demonstrates that.

This is a really good article and I’ve added the blog to my RSS reader. I spent a good 30 minutes researching <aside> and role=note and what that could mean for writing and reading on the web.

The more that I work with accessibility, the more I’m enjoying solving the smaller issues. Unfortunately, I also see a lot of areas where things could be improved.

Discovered via Auston.