Micro Camp 2024 This Year More Micro

Micro Camp sticker that looks like a log fire with logo flames.

I am pretty excited by the upcoming mini conference for and the IndieWeb.

Jean has posted the schedule for this year and we even have a guest speaker!

Here is the schedule for Friday, May 17. (All times are Pacific.) Details on the chat channel and door prizes to come! Follow [@camp]( for updates. πŸ•οΈ

  • 11:45 Welcome to Micro Camp and overview of the schedule
  • 12:00 Conversation about blogging and social media with Christina Warren (find her on Mastodon and Bluesky)
  • 1:30 State of the with Manton, Jean, and Vincent; Q&A
  • 3:00 Community happy hour on Zoom and announcement of door prize winners

Unfortunately, I might not be able to attend this year as I’m supposed to be in the office and it lands on the end of a sprint.

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I added my blog to earlier this week. I like it because it exposes you to new pages.

Discovered via Figgy Sticky.


James has really cool mascot for his website, The James’ Coffee Blog.

I have been playing around with the idea of getting one.


RE: On, Scribbles, And Multi-homing by Leon Mika

I’ve recently read this article by Leon Mika on his MicroBlog. It goes a little bit into the details of where he wants his writing to go. I’ve met people through the and it is notable when I see them post about other blog services that they are trying out.

Profile of Leon MikaI’ve been ask why I’m using Scribbles given that I’m here on Honestly I wish I could say I’ve got a great answer.

Leon starts his piece with honesty and follows it with thoughtful reasons.

I’ve also wondered why others are exploring the multiple solutions to building and maintaining a blog. After having years where there were only a couple of solutions, I don’t fault anyone for wanting to explore and see different options.

Having different blogs to express different aspects of your personality and interest does make sense. And, Leon makes it clear that he’s prioritizing his most important reader, himself. On this point, I really applaud him.

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Front End Study Hall

I’m planning on going to Front End Study Hall on April 24, 2024 Noon PST.

I've seen Joe a couple times in some of the IndieWeb meet ups and he always seemed like a cool person to me.

The description of the meet up is as follows:

Picture of Joe Crawford
Joe Crawford
If you're a maven of markup or stylesheet superstar, or a newbie novice with nth-of-type, all are welcome to learn together at Front End Study Hall

The foundation of a flexible, good IndieWeb website is markup (the “M” in HTML!") that doesn’t drive you batty to debug and CSS that works with it to have it look, sound, and interact how you want, whatever device or format the website is displayed on.

Discovered via gRegor Morrill1.

  1. Yes, that’s how he styles his name. ↩︎

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How I decide what coffee to drink [Diagram] | James' Coffee Blog

James has been doing a lot of cool things on his blog. I feel that you should really check him out and everyone else in the IndieWeb WebRing.

I love diagrams and my heart almost jumped out of my chest as he wrote about combining two of my loves: Coffee and Diagrams.

I thought what better way to learn more about using Mermaid than to make a chart that shows how I decide what coffee to drink!

I haven’t really used Mermaid since I included the renderhooks it for the theme that I use for my blog. So, I was excited to have an opportunity to use it.

flowchart TD
    accTitle: How do I brew my coffee
    accDescr: This is a process on how I determine what kind of coffe to drink
    A{Am I brewing coffee at home, or am I on the go?}
    A --> B[Home]
    A --> C[On the Go]
    B --> D[Black]
    C --> E{Am I going to Starbucks}
    E -->|No| D[Black]
    E -->|Yes| G[Water]

How do you make your coffee?


I’m planning on going to Homebrew Website Club Europe Meetup later today.

I really like the people there and it’s a nice little lunch meetup for me.


I’m planning on going to Homebrew Website Club Europe Meetup again.

Last week, I spent a lot of time talking about me and the site, but this time I’m hoping to do more listening.