My wife says that I haven’t put any effort in. I don’t feel that way. I understand that I have missed some clues as to what she wants but I don’t…

Maybe that’s what it is.

It’s what “I” think and feel.

How are we on such different pages?

May 2022 Photo Challenge

Day 7 prompt: park

May 2022 Photo Challenge

Day 6 prompt: silhouette

May 2022 Photo Challenge

Day 5 prompt: earth

I guess we’re back to normal since the pandemic is over. We can get back to destroying the earth 🌍

May 2022 Photo Challenge

Day 4 prompt: thorny

If I don’t deal with this, life will get thorny.

The clipping on this is not only bad taste but a bad sign of what might come.

May 2022 Photo Challenge

Day 3 prompt: experimental

May 2022 Photo Challenge

Day 2 prompt: photo

May 2022 Photo Challenge

Day 1 prompt: switch!

Seriously? How did this pass QA?

Oh! I never knew it made such a difference!

I want to know myself so that I can appreciate more of who I am without hubris and improve in a healthy way.

My dog taking a walk in the rain.

Lillie taking a afternoon nap.

Dog on dog bed.

Poop hit the fan at work and everywhere else for me. I’m turning of social media until Sunday. I’ll miss ya.

Turns out I was sending some of my posts to my test account.

As an example of our brains working against us, I just had a thought cross my mind.

Is it too late for me to be awesome?

Why would I think that? What is the definition of “awesome” that I’m debating on?

To all of you, go out and be awesome!

I wish Apple had continued working with enhancements to books. Apple has a lot of good ideas that seem to get a little bit of traction and then stagnate. Sure, not as bad as what google does with some projects, which is to kill them even when there are no alternatives.

Lillie sitting in the sun.

Lillie’s new bed

Lillie playing with a frisbee.

So my dad called me asking if I had a Facebook account. He needed one to access the stream of his cousin’s funeral.

It just feels so, so very bizarre that this is how we live and die.

Top 10 Hugo Themes for 2022 - CloudCannon

Found this on Reddit and thought some of you might be interested in making this work for

Obsolete body parts

While his two-implant system is still working, he doesn’t know how long that will be the case. “As long as nothing goes wrong, I’m fine,” he says. “But if something does go wrong with it, well, I’m screwed. Because there’s no way of getting it fixed.” -Their Bionic Eyes Are Now Obsolete and Unsupported - IEEE Spectrum

I never thought about something like this happening. I’m more familiar with the distopian fantasy featured in Repo! The Genetic Opera1.

  1. I’ve never seen it, but I did read the wikipedia page after hearing about it. ↩︎

I’ve been wondering… since the changes in 1password have happened how many people are leaving. I’m looking at my budget and wondering what things would make consider leaving. For example, I have netflix and they are going to be raising the price for me from $13 to $15.